Deer.IO Resource Usage Agreement

(further - “Deer.IO” and “Agreement” accordingly)

1. Status and responsibilities of parties.

  1. You take all the risks and responsibility for relationships with your partners, government, and third parties if you used services of Deer.IO Internet-resource.
  2. The administration does not take responsibility for the service usage, purposes and goals of which violate the laws of your State.
  3. We do not take responsibility for any actions of our clients violating rights at the Deer.IO service.
  4. Deer.IO is a service that offers an automatic interface for your own Internet-stores creation.
  5. The owners of the Deer.IO have the right to change the current Agreement at any time. Amendments take action since the moment of their publication.
  6. We have the right to refuse to offer our service if the current Agreement is violated.
    1. We have the right to refuse to offer our service without any explanations of reasons.
  7. If you are applying for registration as a client of Deer.IO, you are confirming that you have a lawful right to execute the trading activity.
  8. Administration of the Service has the right to change prices for its services at Deer.IO.

2. Guaranties

  1. We do not offer any guarantees that parties executing entrepreneurial activity using Deer.IO act according to the law.
  2. We do not reimburse any damages that you may have in cases of purposeful or careless use of our service, WM keys transfer, password transfer etc.
  3. We guarantee the safety of your confidential information.
  4. Deer.IO service does not refund costs for the services.
  5. If client’s fraud is found, he can be refused to be offered the services.

3. The list of items forbidden to be sold:

  • Drugs, psychotropic substances and “bookmarks”.
  • Items of a pornographic entity.
  • Programs, devices, scripts for any kind of hacking.
  • Public domains, software and other being in a free access.
  • Items related to carding, financial machinations.
  • Hacked Internet-wallets and accounts connected to them.
  • DDOS-services.
  • Scripts renting Internet-stores.
  • Social-media public pages.
  • Tools, services for mine/create anything.
  • Any “business from the ground up” offers, creases.
  • Selling items with the caption or title saying “contact me in ICQ, Skype.”, etc.
  • Website bugs and vulnerabilities.
  • Any promo-codes or coupons named at the
  • Citilink accounts.
  • Qiwi wallets with money.
  • Passport/driving license/ID scans and scans of other documents of such kind that identify a person.
  • Accounts placed by the rights-owner.

Pay attention that this list can be expanded without notifications. If these rules are violated, store ban will follow without the opportunity to lift the ban

Services usage policies:

  • Запрещено скрывать ссылки «Пожаловаться на магазин» и «Магазин арендован в сервисе Deer.IO»
  • Запрещено скрывать блок «Уровень доверия» или изменять его цифру
  • Запрещено прописывать домен в нашей системе если он ссылается не на нашу систему
  • Запрещено делать редирект с нашей системы на другую
  • Запрещено размещать рекламу на другие сервисы аренды.
  • Для продажи Qiwi кошельков депозит обязателен, минимальная сумма 25000 рублей

Date of the current Agreement redaction publication is November 23, 2013.